Getting Here and Around


If flying from outside of Mexico the easiest and cheapest route is to Puerto Escondido Airport via Mexico City . Except for those few US and Canadian cities that offer a route direct to Huatulco International Airport.

Puerto Escondido Airport is located 8 km from Sunset Point Resort.
A taxi will cost anywhere between 100-300 pesos depending on how much luggage/surfboards and whether you walk to the highway outside the airport - sometimes this way you can get it as low as 60 pesos.

VivaAerobus offer DAILY flights
Interjet also offer DAILY flights

Huatulco International Airport is located 84km south of Sunset Point Resort
A taxi will cost around 800 pesos if you walk to the highway, over 1000 pesos for an airport taxi.
There is also a bus that operates from the highway outside the airport up to Puerto Escondido, it is called 'SUR' and costs 140 pesos per person.


Buses are an extremely popular choice of travel in Mexico, they offer a cheap and comfortable way to explore the country.

Puerto Escondido Bus Station is located 6 km from Sunset Point Resort, it servises destinations throughout Southern Mexico.
Popular routes to/from Puerto Escondido are San Cristobal de Las Casas and Oaxaca City

For full route details, ticket pricing and purchase visit ADO website


Puerto Escondido is a relatively small town and easily accessible.

Collectivo’s offer the cheapest mode of transport. A 5 minute walk from Sunset Point will bring you to the main highway where you can jump on a passing Collectivo for 5-12 pesos depending on where you want to go. They stop by Zicatela, Super Chedraui (supermarket) and the main market in town.

Taxi’s service the whole of Puerto Escondido and are able to pick you up and drop you off directly at Sunset Point Resort.

Motorbike hire is a great option for those wanting total freedom, ideal for surfers, and can be arranged through us. If you know you definitely want a motorbike then feel free to let us know in advance so we can have one here when you arrive.
Car rental is also possible and we can assist you here as well.